Discover and Learn from our Events

La Boutique Du Vin offers a diversity of wine and cooking related events for our active “Socios” and for wine aficionados. Among some of the events we have wine tastings hosted by prominent and knowledgable wine experts, and also wine courses for those who desire to learn more about the world of wine, conducted by Mari Jo Sifre. Certified Wine Educator. At The Art of Cooking School, with Chef Augusto Schreiner, you will be able to discover and experience Chef Augusto’s cooking secrets and tips.




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The Essence of The Art of Cooking School

The Art of Cooking School is your chance to learn up close and personal from one of the most prominent chefs in Puerto Rico, Chef Augusto Schreiner.

In our open, but intimate kitchen, in La Boutique Du Vin, Chef Augusto does international cooking demonstrations. You will be able to experience a gourmet meal, prepared in front of you by Chef Augusto, while you learn how to make it; definitely a foodie’s dream come true.

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About Chef Augusto Schreiner

Austrian Augusto Schreiner began his culinary career in his home country. As years went by he led numerous hotels and restaurants around the world, as the highest culinary authority and won a myriad of awards. In 1974 Augusto was transferred to Puerto Rico, and since then he has called it home.

Augusto Schreiner truly has a passion for food and loves sharing it with others. Thus, besides his outstanding career and experience as a top chef, his personal qualities are the heart of The Art Of Cooking School.



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